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all of our comments below are of  our own private opinion.

1.My history about audio
 I started my audio with speakers Pioneer (=TAD)PW30F(wwofer),PM500(Mid),PT7(tweeter)
 2ndarily , I changed to Tannoy Monitor Gold 12 with shop's original box.
 3rdly, JBL LE14A,LE85+HL91,075,
 4thly, JBL2405 ,HL88,136A,YL75000+MB90 horn,ev 30W
meanwhile chaging many amplifiers like tube and solid state DC amps etc..

On a day I got a opportunity to listen to Goto system.
I was very surprised with precise, natural sound which is very different from usual speakers.
In addition the Goto owner told that The Goto speakers sounds very good,even if he uses
considerably cheap amplifiers like SANSUI BA60 (price; 100US$/stereo)
Of course, I thought to buy Goto ,but the price were too expensive for me.

So, my passion about Audio disappeared soon.

Approximately 20 years later, I thought that I restart audio with JBL speakers kept by me.
However I could not forget the sound of Goto Unit system that I listened20 years ago..

Then I could not helping to adopting Goto system and made a call to Goto Unit company to
start to distribute GotoUnit products of which Many Japanese are proud.
I visited Goto company and see Mr.Seiya Goto.

He started Goto Unit company to create natural and real sound in corporation with Mr.Shigemi Takajo
as adviser, whose philosophy about audio is to reproduce the original sound given by the music

players.( the philosophy is "reproduction of originalsound".
To accomplish his philosophy, Mr.Goto emphasize that the less harmonic ditortion is more significant

than the frequency response,showing me the figures below (given by audio magazine MJ).
To evaluate his speaker, he play back his recorded source with his sytem and cpmpair the played back

sound with original sound.
Of course, I accepted their philosophy.

Finally I got Goto distributor's allowance from Mr.Seiya Goto.

Gradually my audio equipments were replaced with Goto products.

In order to intall twin woofer, I modified the JBL enclosure as shown in the photos below.

I conceived the new idea to build bass horn system,so I re-modified JBL Box as shown below.
The buffle board for twin woofers is used for the inner panel of bass horn and the holes for woofers
were made on the back panel.

The photo below shows the finished horn on the left side and the right  side horn under construction..

Also I started to record music and play back to evaluate my Goto system.

It means that I must grow my recording tecniques,buying many recorders and microphones.

Many customers were surprised at my nice sound from Goto speakers.
I used Goto Unit amplifiers now.

Consequently I sold many of Goto products to many countries, Germany,France,Italy,Poland ,
Lithuasnia,,Thailand,,USA,Hong Kong,,Viet Num etc. more than 20 countries.
I had many foreign visiters from 19 countries.
Now I appreciate to the customers that they visited us and bought Goto products.

@@h@QOPV@we closed our shop and transfered  GOTO UNIT business to Audio Art company .
(due to my physical reason)

Now we work to help  you , advising, making you listend to our system
So@we welcome the audiowhiles' visiting us.


AddressGHino-shi Tokyo Japan ( 6 minutes walk from Hino station on the chuo line)