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In dec. 2013, I visited customers in Hong Kong and confirmed their Goto systems.

I found that the audio philes in Hong Kong follow Goto philosophy namely they searching for
real sound. Their systems sound good,but in addition I gave themsome advces to get better

We are giving information about setting Goto ‚•‚Ž‚‰‚”@system. To give newer
information, we are making efforts to get more information about audio.

Also in foreign countries,we give advise for better sound. So already we
visited the customers in Swizerland,France,USA,and this time (Dec. 2012)
visited 3 customers in Germany.

One of them,Klaus's 5way Goto@‚•‚Ž‚‰‚” system is welknown all over the world
and many aduiophiles in Europe visit him.

So I also visited and listened his system. He has enjoyed Goto system,
making grade up of his Goto ‚•‚Ž‚‰‚”@system from 3way system step by step
for 30years. At present his system results in all horn 5way ‚f‚‚”‚@Unit@

By the way in Europe, Cathedral plays siginificant role not only for religion
and also for Music. The pipe organ is played in Cathedral and its sound is
difficult to be reproduced by audio system.

However, his system seems to reproduce the magnificient ,holly sound
considerably precisely.

Many Goto ‚•‚Ž‚‰‚”@fans gathered to Speth's house from Japan,Netherland
France Australia and Germany and enjoyed listening music and fruitful
discussion etc. (Please refer to Italian Stefano's WEBhttp://twogoodears.

Bernd's system consists of also Goto@unit's 5way system and his

original amplifiers. His room is not so large as Klaus's ,but he built nice
audio system ,utilizing his nice idea.

Reinhard 's 4way Goto@Unit@system consists of Goto ‚•‚Ž‚‰‚”f‚“@biggest
drivers and bass driver SG146LD with short horn. He uses very high quality

Of course the quality of the sound is good. Unfortunately,at present the
small room cannot allow him to enjoy rich bass tone with big bass horn.

However in the near future ,he will get bigger room and realize audio
system with enough size of horn.